Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s creators, studied in Montessori schools in the United States. Methodology, that have influenced their personalities, stimulating their ability to question and creativity.



MEDICAL AND Educator (1870 – 1952)

Maria Montessori was born in Italy. From a traditional family, exceeded all of the obstacles and was one of the first women to graduate in medicine in her country, later deepened her studies in children , graduated in Philosophy and Experimental Psychology and was also a pioneer in the pedagogical field by giving more emphasis to self-education and education for life , creating differentiated methodology and materials.



Bilingual children's education, with environment, structure, team and differentiated materials, scientifically proven for the best development and real learning of your child. Come and meet us! Schedule your view!



“Education is a process experienced by the human being, and is acquired not listening to words, but experiencing the environment”. Maria Montessori.

Clover Montessori offers bilingual education with the most complete children's teaching methodology.

It is proven that a child from birth to the age of 6 years, learns in an effective and fast way, and their brains are already prepared to learn. What they learn in this period is taken to the rest of their lives and became a part of them!

The Montessori method emphasizes in early childhood, education for life, promoting self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the universe, basically composed by four pillars:

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Scientifically prepared for the development and actual student learning. Teachers are highly trained to present and stimulate activities.

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Freedom of the child to choose which activities to do / complete - freedom of choice comes with motivation and joy to do / happiness and love to learn.

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Mixed age

From 0-3 or 3-6 years to monitor the sensitive periods, or periods where the child is ready enough to learn certain concepts, live the experience of a community and learn for life. This format encourages the natural formation of leaders and encourages collaborative learning.

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Is essential to get to the real learning, requiring a minimum of 3 hours of uninterrupted work for the child can get to real concentration.

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Who are we?

Bilingual team, trained and prepared to develop the full potential of children in the wonderful Montessori environment.

In addition to the pedagogical training, our professionals are trained to be the intermediary between the environment and the child, having specific training for the Montessori methodology.

We invest in continuous development of our entire team, deepening knowledge of all areas of child development.

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About Us


Guide students to become ethical and competent employees, for a better world.


"Ethics, respect, diversity, pedagogical knowledge, security, continuous development, love of learning and happiness."


Plant seeds for a better education.
Self-respect, respect for others and respect for the universe is our most valuable rule.

Our principles

"Let the child do what they want when they haven’t yet developed any power of self control is to betray the idea of freedom"

Clover Montessori Education for life! Inspired by Maria Montessori, we are a learning community that prepares the child for the activities of daily life. Part of the routine of Clover Montessori, develops independence, responsibility, coordination, visual, phonetic and linguistic skills, critical thinking and concentration. Along with collaborative community incentive, sensory understanding, care of the body and the mind, respecting diversity and the environment, arouses interest in the community and love to work.


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